Rob Ketterer
“There are some people who are born leaders. But the best leaders work at it day in and day out.”
– Kenneth Chenault, CEO, American Express

The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method® is a personality assessment that creates a remarkable, multi-dimensional portrait of an individual (and teams) that facilitates leadership development, team building, interpersonal conflict resolution, executive coaching and career counseling.

Most assessments show usual behaviors (primary strengths and weaknesses, etc.).  Birkman is unique in quantifying underlying needs, motivations and stress behaviors.

The Birkman Method® reports on 6 major perspectives for participants:

  1. Usual Behavior: behavioral style of dealing with relationships and tasks.
  2. Underlying Needs: needs/expectations in dealing with relationships and tasks.
  3. Stress Behaviors: ineffective style of dealing with relationships or tasks (this is the behavior observed when underlying needs are not met).
  4. Interests: expressed job preference based on the assumption of equal economic rewards.
  5. Work Styles: a variety of dimensions about work such as: work ethic, ideal work environment, leadership styles.
  6. Organizational Focus: priority order of tasks within an organization, including blind spots.

The Birkman is an online instrument – the 298 questions take about an hour to complete.

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