Rob Ketterer
“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
– Warren G. Bennis, Author & Consultant


Visionworks has a proven track record of over 20 years working in a wide range of industries. Here is what Visionworks clients are saying:

“Over the past several years I’ve found Rob Ketterer and Visionworks to be a valuable strategic partner within our business.  Rob’s varied business experiences and wealth of tactical resources have not only helped to define and clarify a new vision for our company, but has also assisted us in developing the strategic people plan so critical to achieving our goals.  His clear thinking, disciplines and strong personal character have been invaluable resources.”

— Frank Sabo, Founder and President, Sabo Ventures Inc.

“Rob Ketterer and Visionworks literally changed my life and the direction of my 51 year old company. In the first year of working with Rob, we achieved a 25% growth in sales and profits with no increase in overhead. He started by helping us determine our strengths, skills and aptitudes.  Once people were doing what they were good at and enjoyed doing, obstacles to growth and improvement were easy to identify and eliminate. He helped us develop a strategic plan that has enabled us to prosper and grow through tough times. My business is a transformed company.”

— Robert Bairstow, President, Bairstow Lifting Products Co.

“When we began our strategic planning process we chose Rob Ketterer to lead our team and it was the best decision we made. His process centered approach made our meetings enjoyable and kept us on task even during some difficult conversations. The resulting plan is a living document that is guiding our business as we continue to grow and expand our capabilities. It is a pleasure to work with Visionworks Consulting as we execute the projects that will help us transform our business.”

— Shaun Callahan, Owner and CEO, Georgia Valve & Fitting Co., Inc.

“Over the last 10 years working with Visionworks has changed the trajectory of our Company.  We have benefitted in many ways from our relationship as Rob has:

  • Helped us clarify our mission and values which has led to tremendous growth as a Company.
  • Changed the way our team thinks which gave us the ability to reach goals previously unattainable.
  • Helped us to clarify roles and objectives in each department.
  • Used DISC and Birkman assessments to give us insights on how each of us is wired and performs under stress (this has been invaluable). The Birkman has been nothing short of amazing in helping us understand how our people function best.
  • Helped us with the interview and selection on new hires which gave us a new understanding about our team that we never had before.
  • Trained us in high performance team concepts that have made us a better Company and vendor to our customers. ”

—  Barry Sutlive, Founder and CEO, Reliable Roofing

Visionworks helped us develop a vision for the business infrastructure we needed and guided us in putting the right people and processes in place.  We had a tremendous amount of business hitting all at once so the new infrastructure was tested.  Before Visionworks, it would have been a huge mess; but, because we had the right people and processes in place, we could manage all the work when it hit. Once we got there, we found more work being done with less effort, and fewer issues cropping up.

Among the right people Rob helped us hire were some key operational leaders who brought much needed skill sets to the business and fit in just right with current leadership.  This made it possible for us to further accelerate our growth.

Rob is the best listener I’ve ever sat down with – he routinely picked up on the slightest things I said and then took action to address those issues.  With Visionworks, our company grew light years.

— Cole Forsyth, Founder Ashwood Development Company

“During a time of transition in my business, Rob provided exceptional consulting services that increased productivity, revenue, and employee morale. Rob also played a critical role in helping us with the hiring and interview process to find the best employees.”

—  Stephen Hasner, Owner and Managing Partner, Hasner Law

“For years, I have found great value in Visionworks’ team analysis, team training and team building.  Rob’s ability to quickly assess the dynamics, strengths and challenges of our team enabled us to make better hires and work together more effectively. Rob is uniquely perceptive, a thorough listener and willing to wade through minutia to distill greater truths for team members or the team as a whole. His keen discernment and wise counsel made a tangible impact on our team and therefore our clients.”

—  Beth Bragg Henon, President BRAGGING RIGHTS Public Relations

“Visionworks helped us understand more about ourselves and our leadership team which led to better management decisions with less relational conflict.”

— Keith Brown, Co-Owner and CEO, Kendrick Body Shop