Insights for Leaders


Posted on: May 16th, 2011 | 0 Comments

“Systems create behaviors.” — Andy Stanley

Best-selling author/consultant Tom Peters states, “Most ‘quality programs’ fail for one or two reasons.  They have a system without passion, or passion without a system.  You must have both.”

Quality guru W.E. Deming observes, “Put a good employee in a bad system and the system always wins.”  Ken Blanchard writes in Raving Fans, “To be consistent you have to have systems.  At the core of every great customer service organization is a package of systems and a training program to inculcate those systems into the soul of the company.  That’s what guarantees consistency.”

The Bottom Line: Leaders depend on systems to create behaviors; and, they know for a system to produce quality, it must be fueled with passion.